2019 Honda BR-V Release Date, Price, and Specs

2019 Honda BR-V Release Date, Price, and Specs

2019 Honda BR-V Release Date, Price, and Specs. And with time, SUVs are not just limited to the off-road transaction. While there are even some that are called SUVs but they do not have any off-road characteristics.

Well, the ones that are built only for the urban driving are a bold note on the personality of the driver. And such SUVs are mainly bought to enhance your PR. Along with that, the passion for noticed is even gained through such vehicles.

2019 Honda BR V Interior

One of the personality building machines is the Honda BR-V. The BR-V is one step lower than the Honda HR-V.

The BR-V concept was displayed at Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show 2015. Its successful response laid it to the production line. And in the very next year, the first models of this car were launched.

2019 Honda BR V Redesign

2019 Honda BR-V Release Date, Price, and Specs

This SUV is built to target the audience of the South Asian, Far East Asia and the South African market. These are those places where SUVs are not a part of any hobby. Instead, these are taken as the personality builders.

Well, the official price for this car is as low as $22,290. The model levels are differentiated on the basis of the powertrain. And commonly there are just two models for this car.

Now let’s explore what Honda BR-V is capable of.


1.5 L6– speed manual

99– 118 hp107– 170 lb– ft.
0– 62 MPHTop SpeedBody StyleMPG.
12.4 s107 mphSUV23 city/ 27 highway.

2019 Honda BR-V Engine and Performance

The Honda BR-V has been designed in Asia. It has been launched as an SUV. Keeping this in view Honda has created the BR-V with the concepts of economic mileage and lesser maintenance cost.

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The BR-V gasoline and diesel both have the 1.5 L engine. The gasoline version gets the I-VTEC with 118 hp of power and 107 lb-ft of torque.

The diesel gets turbocharge and 99 horses galloping at 170 lb-ft of torque. It is turbocharged, it has nothing to do with the performance. On the track, it is yet another lethargic fella.

Well, the BR-V is an SUV, but you do not have to expect any sort of off-road capabilities in this car. Like, the Indian Honda shows BR-V parked off-road around a landscape and in the other scene it has been shown in the city.

The diesel BR-V gets the I-DTEC with a better mileage and lowers the exhaust. It offers 25 mpg as combined fuel mileage. And the maintenance cost is similar to a hot-hatch.

Well, the handling is fine. Every corner feels soft in this car.

2019 Honda BR-V Exterior

From the North East angle, the BR-V looks like a station wagon. While the sides eloquent enough to be called an SUV.

Frankly speaking, the BR-V has no attraction in the exterior. That could be one of the reasons that why Honda did not introduce BR-V to the North American and European markets. There is no BR-V.

The exterior of a car matters a lot!

Interior of 2019 Honda BR-V

As standard, the BR-V gets a pretty simple interior design. While the midrange and the lower level gets only the basic parts.

Ahead of that, the upper trim even gets the leather-wrapped steering wheels and gear knobs, and leather pad on door knobs. And carbon fiber is used for the accent design.

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The BR-V is spacious inside. All the three rows have enough capacity for six people including the driver. There is certainly no cargo space in this car.

2019 Honda BR-V Release Date, Price, and Specs

Features of 2019 Honda BR-V

The Honda BR-V gets the infotainment system according to the region. While the base model just gets the stereo controller.

The voice recognition and the telephony come along the infotainment. Further, the Bluetooth audio streaming is also available.

2019 Honda BR-V Safety

The BR-V has dual airbags on the front. Well, that is a blessing as the South Asian cars usually do not get the seatbelts for the rear passengers.

Away from the passive safety, the BR-V comes with Anti-lock braking system and the electronic brake distribution system. The Honda has provided an ACE body structure to the BR-V. It is certainly a cage that reduced the collision impact.

Well, in the Asian and African regions you even the feature of car safety. Well, the Honda BR-V gets the engine immobilizer.


Toyota Avanza

There is plenty of competition down at this level of cars. Well, we found the Toyota Avanza which is yet another small size SUV. The performance, design and the interior of BR-V and the Avanza are pretty much similar.

The BR-V is a cool grocery runner. It would not cost you much to keep this kind of an SUV as it is cool with the mileage and the maintenance.

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