2019 Honda S1000 Redesign, Price, Specs, and Refresh

2019 Honda S1000 Redesign, Price, Specs, and Refresh

2019 Honda S1000 Redesign, Price, Specs, and Refresh. The S2000 was a two-seat sports car in production for just over a decade. The last model was made back in 2009 and since then Honda hasn’t been offering a successor. It seems things are going to change in the near future. Not that long ago Honda released the tiny S660 sports car, a key-roadster specifically aimed at the Japanese market. Even though the early rumors suggested that it may become the new S2000, it looks like these rumors were not true.

This doesn’t mean the S2000 is lost. A few months ago a few details emerged about the upcoming 2019 Honda S2000. It seems that this will be a roadster of a similar configuration to its predecessor. The car will use a mid-front engine, rear wheel drive, and lightweight construction.

2019 Honda S1000 Interior

2019 Honda S1000 Redesign, Price, Specs, and Refresh


Just like the first generation of the car, the new S2000 is going to have a 2.0 liter longitudinally-mounted 4 cylinder engine. There will be differences. This new engine will be turbocharged and it seems Honda will use a two-stage electric supercharging system. This will eliminate turbo-lag from the tiny engine and it will give it a good amount of torque at lower RPM. This system might also be used to enhance the car’s fuel efficiency even though it will more than likely use a 6-speed manual transmission as standard.

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2019 Honda S1000 Redesign

Even though the performance figures are still unknown, it looks like this new engine will provide well over 320 horsepower. In comparison, the Civic Type R uses the same engine and is able to push out 316 horsepower without the electric supercharging system. Because of that, we can easily expect considerably more from the rear wheel drive S2000. With the 6 speed manual, the car may actually become the fastest roadster on the market, especially since most of its rivals are gone or have been replaced by much more expensive cars.


For the looks of the 2019 Honda S2000 is still well under wraps. Even so, it is quite safe to assume it will not be as over the top as the new Civic Type R. Most rumors seem to suggest the car might be built using Acura’s new corporate design. This means a really low front end, similar to the NSX supercar, a similar grille but with a more subtle splitter and possibly a different set of intakes. The car’s rear end will likely be similar to Acura’s NSX. This would allow Honda to build a range of high-performance cars and in the future, they might even start a new brand. As before, the S2000 will remain a convertible with a soft-top in order to save as much weight as possible.


Its predecessor had a rather basic cabin and this might be the case with the 2019 Honda S2000. While it will boast a minimalist look, the car is still expected to offer plenty of features for its price. Like before, most of the controls are likely going to be aimed towards the driver in order to be very easy to use while driving fast.

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2019 Honda S1000 Redesign, Price, Specs, and Refresh


The most interesting part about it is that the car will actually be built on a bespoke platform. This is expected to use an all-aluminum construction with carbon fiber inserts in key areas around the car. The end result should be a car weighing less than 2,700 pounds which would make the upcoming S2000 one of the lightest cars in its class.

This will also mean the car will not be cheap. The early rumors suggest a way past $50,000 which would put it quite close to the upcoming Supra. It will have its world premiere in late 2018 as a celebration of the company’s 70 anniversary. It will be most probably presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show and go in sale in time for the 2019 model year.

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