2019 Tesla Model Y Release date, Concept, Redesign, Price

2019 Tesla Model Y Release date, Concept, Redesign, Price. There are confusions regarding the fact whether Tesla will continue manufacturing both model X and model Y at the same time or not. It is not the right time to make a call about this matter but it is an interesting wait to see if Tesla will keep two strong SUV models in its lineup or will it stop the production of Model X, once the production and launch of Model Y take place.

2019 Tesla Model Y Release date, Concept, Redesign, Price

2019 Tesla Model Y Engine Rumors

It is expected that Model Y will be in continuation of design ethos of Model S. Model S was Tesla’s first offering in mainstream vehicles. Nothing much has been known about the engine of the 2019 Tesla Model Y and the performance that the vehicle will offer. Through constant developments are being made in the vehicle and there are still 2 years to go before it hits the market, speculations regarding the vehicle are not decreasing.

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2019 Tesla Model Y Redesign

An extremely interesting fact about 2019 Tesla Model Y has been brought out by Elon Musk. They are aiming to reduce the volume of wiring in the upcoming models. Model S needed almost 10,000 feet of wiring, Model 3 needed 5000 feet of wiring and Model Y will need only 328 feet of wiring.

On checking the teaser images of the Tesla Model Y, it is quite obvious that the vehicle comes with solid design and style. The large and beautiful windshield is a specialty of Tesla vehicles. You can almost see the whole interior from the windshield.

The front end of the vehicle also has an aggressive approach to the design of the grille remaining the same as Model 3. The traditional side mirrors are not being seen in the 2019 Tesla Model Y. Will the mirrors be taken off completely and in that place, rearview cameras will be fitted?

2019 Tesla Model Y Release date, Concept, Redesign, Price

2019 Tesla Model Y Price and Availability

The new model 2019 Tesla Model Y will be priced around $30,000– $35,000 and will not cross the $40,000 margin. The exact date for availability of 2019 Tesla Model Y is not known. It is being estimated that the vehicle will be available by the end of 2019 or early 2020.

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There are lots of expectations of the Tesla Model Y. Only time will say the impact that the electric crossover will be able to make in the market. It is also expected to give stiff completion rivals from stables of GM and BMW.